About Us

We're a team of Canadian online casinos reviewers with experience in real-money betting on all types of casino games. If we handle a casino rating - we have betting strategies and exclusive casino bonus deals for all play-styles there.

Naturally, our experts' sole focus when doing a casinos review is providing a one-stop solution platform for new and experienced gamblers alike. We share the hobby so why not share the know-how that's required to manage the risks that come with gambling in a Canadian online casino?

Canadian Online Casinos Expert

Online casinos, even in Canada have become the norm, which is an understatement considering new ones pop up every week or two for our team of experts to review. Most often than not, the 'Canada online casino' might be serving multiple regions so everything is a mess. From forcing gamblers through obscene policies to a gambling experience smothered by a lack of gaming options, they negatively affect the play.

To prevent that, we have a casino rating system in place for all Canadian online casinos we come across. It's there to separate the weak ones from the best casinos for Canadians.

Only the Best Online Casinos in Canada

We achieve that result by being picky so there are factors to look at before we can recommend any of the Canadian online casinos we've reviewed. All our casinos review entail information about the online casinos in Canada, rules that govern them, and the game genres available.

And sure enough, the games in the Canadian online casino under our watch are meticulously reviewed by five factors which are:

  • Theme
  • Free Spins Availability
  • Jackpots Availability
  • Tournaments and game-specific promos
  • Possibility for casino bonus hunting
    • How Do We Review and Rate Online Casinos from Canada?

      For our casino review process, there are must-haves for our favorite casinos. So, it's either the casino's owner includes those features or our experts don't add it to our list of best casinos in Canada. Generally, handling any online casino rating in Canada includes:

      Terms and Conditions

      Suitable T&C specifics for a Canadian online casino to have

      If the conditions of the Canada-niched online casino are shady, you will know it if you check out any of our casinos review. It is important that a gambling site supports Canadian banks and payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.


      Reputation of the online casino in Canada

      For any of the casinos online in Canada to have a flawless reputation, it must have been around for a long time, right? Not necessarily, but we've grown familiar with the tell-tale signs of a trustworthy platform so as to pick out the best casinos. For better or worse, a casino review of ours will tell it.

      Customer Support

      Customer support services

      Live chat, email support option, and a line to dial-up are the things our team of experts look for in a Canadian online casino. This trio must be present if we give the green light on any of our Canadian online casinos.

      Casino Bonuses

      The online casino bonus policies

      Foresight is not overrated when it comes to bonuses in Canadian online casinos. Generally, the easier it is for us to beat the casino bonus requirements, the higher it will be on our list of best casinos.

      Casino Games

      Game Selection in the Canada Online Casino

      The core gambling experience that reviewers love lies in the casino games and sometimes, the Canadian online casino doesn't have enough. Nobody wants to miss out, so a high casino rating is a guarantee of plenty of genres.


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